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We are a company co-founded and co-directed by an American expat, Mark Prado, who first came to Thailand from Washington, D.C., in 1994 to assist the Asia Regional Office of the U.S. government's Agency for International Development (USAID), but switched to the purely private sector in 1995. Mark is a strong believer in "trade, not aid", which was the original basis of his interest in import-export. Mark has lived continuously in Thailand for 15+ years and traveled thru most of its 76 provinces.

Our company, Lucky Lion Pride Co., Ltd., is focused on export and import of products. Mark also co-founded Export Quality Services Co., Ltd., in 2002, which exports services (rather than goods) such as web programming and artwork, and also provides professional Thai-English translation services for product documentation, marketing materials, and other necessary matters in importing and exporting products, as well as providing interpreter services for people visiting Thailand for business or other reasons.

Our staff are our lion "pride", as some of them have worked with us for 10 years already. The co-Director is Mark's wife, Kanta Prado, and the name "Lucky Lion" comes from how Mark met his wife. At the time, she was a senior manager with Robinson, a mid level Thai department store chain, whereby Mark first noticed her several times directing and managing staff with self-confidence and whereby all staff respected her like the leader of a pack, and her unusually big curly hair reminded Mark of a lion's mane. We shared many viewpoints and were lucky to meet. Some of Kanta's staff also resigned to follow her to our new company.

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